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Caffe del Fuego


Our initial release is our core brand of Caffe del Fuego. It’s really as simple as things can get in its recipe, its process and its intentions and yet it is nuanced and structured in layers of flavor that have an uncanny way of continuing to meld over time.


We use a proprietary blend of freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee beans, pure cane sugars, the best of the bourbon vanilla world and charcoal filtered grain neutral spirits and age it before releasing it to the market. Like any truly great marriage of flavors we believe we offer a liquor in which the distinct ingredients marry well over time creating a smooth, rich true coffee profile while the nuances of the sugars and vanilla beans add to the harmony and produce subtle notes of dark chocolate with hints of rich dark caramel in the background. There are no added colorings. We brew fresh coffee for every batch.

The sediment? Well, that’s the high quality ingredients of course. We prefer not to use a fine filtering process believing that would strip flavor in the process of filtering the fines. As for us, we just swirl the bottle before opening it and enjoy every bit of the full flavor. We’d certainly encourage you to do the same with your family and friends.


We have friends who think it is perfect served neat and some who prefer it straight with ice as an iced coffee cocktail and we invite you to enjoy it either way as well. Of course, feel free to experiment and let us know what you create and we’ll add your idea to our site.


Mark, as a true coffee hound, prefers his neat. Peter, owing to the genetics of a Remington sweet tooth, prefers it over ice with a splash of organic half n half.  Of course, both guys are right.

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