The Texas Whiskey Festival and Remington Family Distillers Release Bourbon Barrel Aged Caffe Del Fuego

A coffee liquor finished in used Ironroot Republic bourbon barrels.

[Nov 22, 2021] -

Tejas, the Spanish spelling of the ancient Caddo word for "friend" or "ally," is a collaboration between the festival and various Texas distillers to create unique offerings that showcase their methods and character. Each bottling will be a limited release available only through the respective distiller.

The bourbon-barrel-aged Caffe Del Fuego is the second release in the Tejas collaboration series. Caffe Del Fuego is a coffee liquor done right. “As lifelong whiskey drinkers we have always loved how it pairs with our product. That's why we were super excited by this project. By aging Caffe Del Fuego for a year in Ironroot bourbon barrels we were able to create a special release that really captures the best of two great spirits. Our rich coffee taste, their smooth, smoky accents, and the deep caramel and vanilla flavors from both come together into something truly noteworthy. I can't wait for our fans to have the opportunity to enjoy this,” said Mark Remington Koelsch, President and Founder of Remington Family Distillers

The bottling totaled just under 500 – 750ml bottles. It will be available the Saturday after Thanksgiving, exclusively through the tasting room at Remington Family Distillers. "I love that three companies came together to create this fantastic product," says Jake Clements, Co-Founder of the Texas Whiskey Festival. "The collaboration is still going; the empty barrels are now back at Ironroot for the second part of our collaboration." 

Tejas came to embody the character of the weathered and resilient settlers who saw the wide-open west as their destiny. This series pays homage to their intrepid resolve by bringing together our favorite Texas distilleries in a spirit of friendship that exemplifies the pride we take in proclaiming, "We are Tejas!"



About the Texas Whiskey Festival

The mission of the festival is simple: To help promote and enhance the brands of the many great distilleries throughout Texas. Along with promotion, we want to educate whiskey lovers about the many top-of-the-line whiskeys being produced in our great state - and we’re doing it all while having fun, drinking great whiskey, and building memorable experiences. As an organization, we know that Texas has some of the best distilleries and whiskeys in the world. The Texas Whiskey Festival is an opportunity to showcase that. For more information, please visit

About Remington Family Distillers

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2014 by cousins Peter Knight Remington and Mark Remington Koelsch, Remington Family Distillers with a passion for superior quality spirits, Remington Family Distillers is the culmination of a whole bunch of paperwork hoops to jump through and a desire to create and produce a premium liquors with you in mind.


Dripping with Taste

Sip wines from a selection of boutique local wineries. Taste craft cocktails from small batch distillers. Enjoy local beer from award-winning Dripping Springs and Driftwood craft brewers.
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With many unique and visually stunning wineries, breweries, and distilleries scattered throughout Dripping Springs and Driftwood, there’s an abundance of booze-y destinations to sip and savor a glass of wine, an ice-cold craft beer or a classy cocktail.
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Derby Day at the Distillery

Grab your best hat and Derby attire for a run for the Roses at the Remington Family Distillers Tasting Room starting at 12 PM until 8 PM.

The race will be on multiple screens (indoors and outdoors) starting at 6:01 pm. Horses races, Fuego Juleps, Mint Juleps with Remington Revival and Bloody Mary's with Remington Vodka.  Click HERE for more  information.


Best Texas Whiskey in 2021 - Texas Whiskey Festival

Each year the Texas Whiskey Festival hosts a competition to determine who has the best Texas Bourbon, Rye, and Malt Whiskey. With a panel of judges, we conduct the competition with a method known as blind judging. The brands and specific whiskeys they are tasting are unknown to the judges. Our panel of judges smell and taste their way through each whiskey, rating the aroma, taste complexity, and finish.



Other Whiskeys: includes whiskeys aged in used barrels, blended whiskey, and light whiskey.

  1. Austin 101 Light Whiskey (made grain to glass in Texas)
  2. Remington Family Distillers Remington Revival
  3. Rebecca Creek Small Batch

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