Our Story

Premium Spirits for Every Man

You know how it is when your friends tell you over and over that something you make is so good you should sell it?

That’s pretty much us.

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2014 by cousins Peter Knight Remington and Mark Remington Koelsch, Remington Family Distillers with a passion for superior quality spirits, Remington Family Distillers is the culmination of a whole bunch of paper work hoops to jump through and a desire to create and produce a premium liquors with you in mind.

Mark Remington Koelsch  -- CEO/ Founder

Mark Remington Koelsch  — CEO/Founder

As an accomplished IT analytics leader with over 20 years of experience, Mark’s stress relief is running all aspects of Remington Family Distillers, from sales strategy, distribution, daily operations… down to mopping the warehouse floors. Mark leads the company with a tremendous and true desire to craft premium spirits at every man’s price.

Susan K. Lambert -- CMO/Founding Principal

Susan K. Lambert — CMO/Founding Principal

Susan joined Remington Family Distillers in 2018 after a long career in Information Technology spaces, leading educational, development and design teams. She joined RFD to explore new things… particular accentuating soft design skills rising to true leadership. Besides, she enjoys coffee more than anyone else in the company.

Chris Roberts -- COO/Master Blender

Chris Roberts — Master Distiller

Chris Roberts began hand crafting liqueurs in 2005. He quickly became the second Master Distiller in Texas and helped build the 2nd licensed distillery in Texas. His list of award winning restaurants and crafted spirits is as long as his vast experiences through owning/operating restaurants, masterfully blending stirs his artisan craft making great award winning spirits.